Visio Integral Blind Systems

About Us

Engineering excellence at its best...

Contemporary and modern in design

Contemporary and modern in design

Family owned business            visio Integral blind systems

Was born out of a desire to offer customers glazing solutions that offer a unique combination of engineering excellence, quality and design and the ultimate in solar-shading protection. 

Visio Integral Blind Systems are both a creative and practical solution for any home, adding elegance and style while at the same time offering a safe and low maintenance answer to providing light and privacy.

Installed between two glass panes inside a double glazed unit Visio Integral Blind Systems give you the ultimate in protection from the heat and glare of the sun. 

Sealed from any ingress of dirt, dust and moisture, Visio's integral blinds offer an easy to use, low maintenance and safe solution that can help to reduce the effect of direct sunlight and heat loss, offering protection from overheating in the summer and improved thermal insulation in the winter. Gone are the days of tedious cleaning, blinds will remain dust-free... forever!

If privacy, noise or heat loss are important factors when purchasing integral blinds, you may wish to consider black pleated privacy blinds. 10 to 25 per cent of thermal energy loss goes out the windows. Blackout blinds can create the ambience of night in an instant and can help to keep heat in during the winter and keep light and heat out during the summer. Overall, it's a winning combination that will save you energy and money.

Designed for the security conscious

Designed for the security conscious

   visio integral blind systems 

  • The ideal solution for your home, conservatory, orangery, living room, office space, boardroom or public building
  • Privacy at the turn of a knob/push of a button
  • Contemporary and modern in design
  • Lower energy bills

  what are the benefits?

  • Completely maintenance free - full integrated system protected from moisture, damage and dust... forever!
  • Hygienic - no dirt or bacteria build-up
  • Warm edge spacer bars as standard
  • Designed for the security conscious